Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New sale will be coming.

     Since I've last posted, I stated that I was going to attempt an earring sale; against the odds. The sale ends November 1st, and I must say the sale hasn't gone too bad. I will be having a new sale coming Nov. 2nd. This sale will be the "Snow White Special", where everything in my shop that is white will be marked down. (1st winter special) I have quite a few things in my shoppe that are white, and there will be more to come.

       Also, in my last post I stated that I was adding new items for your winter coat lapels. That will more than likely be a mark down sale for the second winter sale special. I will post a few pictures to show the clutch back lapel pins for you to see. (:



* Just a gentle reminder: If you want to donate to my shoppe for the holidays, I do have a section at the bottom of my blog that allows you to donate any amount of money.  Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

The Little Beesley Shoppe.

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