Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New sale will be coming.

     Since I've last posted, I stated that I was going to attempt an earring sale; against the odds. The sale ends November 1st, and I must say the sale hasn't gone too bad. I will be having a new sale coming Nov. 2nd. This sale will be the "Snow White Special", where everything in my shop that is white will be marked down. (1st winter special) I have quite a few things in my shoppe that are white, and there will be more to come.

       Also, in my last post I stated that I was adding new items for your winter coat lapels. That will more than likely be a mark down sale for the second winter sale special. I will post a few pictures to show the clutch back lapel pins for you to see. (:



* Just a gentle reminder: If you want to donate to my shoppe for the holidays, I do have a section at the bottom of my blog that allows you to donate any amount of money.  Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

The Little Beesley Shoppe.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's been awhile.

I am working on some cute new pins for the fall season. Peacoat Accessories will be coming to you, and for a love affordable price. Stay tuned and see the neat products I have in store!

The Little Beesley Shoppe.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Saaay what?!?

Just starting a day of creations, and I will soon attempt to have an earring sale! Apparently, selling earrings on Etsy is like walking through fire.  I think I'm just brave enough to give this sale a shot! I will post the details fairly soon so, stay tuned!

-The Little Beesley Shoppe.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Clock tower button pin!

This is the latest fabric button pin posted, and ready for sale right now!

The Little Beesley Shoppe
When I woke up this morning,  I was a little embarrassed by myself, and I will tell you why. All right, so while I was sleeping, I was dreaming of fabric buttons and crafts. I was apparently in some kind of dream land for artists. Hm, I wonder;  maybe I could skip down the yellow button road to OZ, and ask the Wizard how to be successful on Etsy.

Anyone else have similar stories??
If so, do tell.
I'm a nerd for stories!

The Little Beesley Shoppe.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hello to everyone out there!

So, I've recently decided to donate a set of vintage fabric button pins to the lovely  Orange Raspberry Lemonade, for her FREE SEPTEMBER GIVEAWAY!

If you're interested in entering, it's super easy! All you must do is travel to Orange Raspberry Lemonades Blog, and leave a comment stating why you think you deserve the button set.

The winner will be announced by, Lauren at OrangeRaspberrylemonade.com.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Earrings!!

These are handmade fabric button apple earrings. At half an inch, they fit just perfectly on the ear lobes! You're guaranteed to get lovely compliments with these vintage fabric earrings.

To view on Etsy, click the link provided below.

The Little Beesley's Etsy


Photo taken by Eryn Alger