Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Welcome, Little Beesley.

Hello to everyone out there! I am a newbie to the etsy game, and I was strongly advised to get more promotion time. After taking the wise advice, I am here! I plan to keep everyone as updated as possible through my etsy sales, products, and journeys.

The majority of the products and supplies I use, are vintage fabrics, fabric buttons, pin back latches, and my trusty old glue gun. I've nearly warn her out but I think she's got a few trusty years still left in her!

When starting out my shop in early July, I wanted to showcase and sell items that buyers could actually afford; including shipping and handling costs. As a college student, I understand that money isn't always falling from the trees. I took it into consideration, and wondered what if I were the one looking into someones shop. How would I feel about the prices?
I'm bringing good quality products for inexpensive prices, to you.

I would absolutely love to know what your impressions are of my shop!
Leave a comment if you so desire.

Only with love,
The Little Beesley Shoppe.

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